Woman, Possible Man Rides D-Train Topless


Welp, not expecting this video to last very long on Youtube. I think this is a woman but ever since Marilyn Manson got a boob job I’ve had my doubts about some people. Either way I wanted to knock this bitch out. Honey, the ClubKids were big in the 90s but LimeLight has been shutdown for a while now so move on with your life. And the whole ‘I’m making it look like I’m talking with a cigarette’ thing needs to stop. You make for a great Halloween costume but the holiday isn’t here yet throw a shirt on and let’s not make a spectacle of yourself. Fuckin’ New York…

12 thoughts on “Woman, Possible Man Rides D-Train Topless

  • Whoever wrote this article is a douchebag. I’d like to see what skeletons d.b. has in his closet, because you know 1: the author is a male 2: he judges people without knowing them &3: he probably kicks small defenseless puppies and abuses his kids, if the loser even has any.

  • umm whoever wrote this article is a total douche towards my girl holly van voast aka harvey van toast. first of all 1) she’s not moving on with her life because she takes pictures of drag queens and nyc freaksters not club kids (even though we kind of are club kids in a sense but we are more new age club kids) 2) i wish i knew who you were so i could knock you out holly is a great and amazing drag photographer and is doing what she loves so god damn leave her alone all you did was write a very mean and insensitive article about someone who takes great photos and makes greet youtube ids so what she walks around with her bare breasts get a reality check its 2011 – Lady Havokk one of the people who holly takes pictures of ❤

  • 1//Marilyn Manson never had a “boob job”, he wore a body suit with breasts in ONE music video “The Dope Show”, 1999. (Look at that, being well informed is FUN!)
    2//Threatening physical violence against a total stranger based solely on the way they look shows not only what a low life piece of shit you are, it also invalidates any point you were trying to make. I’d rather sit next to a topless woman (and yes, Holly Van Voast “The Topless Paparazzo” is a woman) on the train, than some fear mongering fuckface like you.

    God forbid this was a Muslim woman in full hijab. Then you’d really lose it right? Or is it the fact that a woman is exercising her completely LEGAL right to enjoy our city without a shirt on that gets you all fired up?

    3//Saliva Tuesday at the Ritz: LEARN IT. Come by on a Tuesday sometime and you’ll meet some real club kids, the ones that call Holly Van Voast family, the same ones that will kick your fucking ass for being such a useless son of a bitch.

    Do yourself a favor: NEVER criticize someone for doing something you lack the courage to even think about trying.

    Or: as we say at SALIVA: “Keep it cute or put it on mute, motherfucker!”


    ps: I logged in with my Facebook so you can look at my profile if you need more photos/videos of people you will publicly hate on and privately jerk off to. <3.

  • yeah, keep it cute or put it on mute! hahahah


    AND GO BY SALIVA! You might as well, you found me so entertaining! Bring it to us!

  • Wow…. honey… this post is BEYOND homophobic / transphobic / demoralizing and chauvinistic!!! Get a life or get out of NYC, ignorant creep. NOW!!!

  • And now it’s time for Ms. Kittin to weigh in. . . . .

    Oh gurl I don’t think I’ve read anything this hateful since Stalin’s manifesto. You should really be ashamed of yourself. For club kids to be gone isn’t it odd that so many have come out of the wood works to verbally “whip that ass.” Not only is Harvey Van Toast a great photographer, she is also has a lot more notoriety than you know. Read about her in The Daily Post, The Daily Beast, WWD, New York TImes, and the list goes on. Check her out she’s huge. Is she a little nutty. . . . no she is EXTREMELY nutty, but so are the rest of us and that’s why we love her. This is a culture about embracing people who were cast out by the rest of society and we will protect each other at all cost. Don’t come for it. We’re a lot scarrier in person.

    From the desk of,
    Kittin Withawhip

  • i usually try to stay out of internet dramaz, as the days of 4chan are over for me. but i am here to say this: you are retarded. that is all.

  • Oh Sweet Pea, you’ve been a blogger for three whole months and you think you’re entitled to come off as arrogant as Perez Hilton’s left nut?
    Let me break it down for you…if you had half the talent that Ms. Van Vost has in her nipple ducts, you wouldn’t be wasting your time in your mother’s basement in Bayside mocking everyone who is actually out there creating.
    You know what they say…those who can, do…those who can’t, sit in their Corona pajama pants anonymously passing judgment through the interwebs.
    Don’t you have an RPG game you need to get to?
    Seriously, it’s time to pick up those cum-crusted tissues, throw away the half-empty economy size bottle of Jergens lotion, and get some sunlight.
    As much as your mom makes a banging meatloaf, there is a whole world out there. Maybe you should actively engage in it some time.


  • Ha, site traffic is your only defense. It goes both ways, buddy. Every horrified blog post is more publicity for Ms. Van Voast, and there are a lot more posts about her than there are of you. No one gives a shit about you earning a couple of bucks.

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