Woman, Possible Man Rides D-Train Topless


Welp, not expecting this video to last very long on Youtube. I think this is a woman but ever since Marilyn Manson got a boob job I’ve had my doubts about some people. Either way I wanted to knock this bitch out. Honey, the ClubKids were big in the 90s but LimeLight has been shutdown for a while now so move on with your life. And the whole ‘I’m making it look like I’m talking with a cigarette’ thing needs to stop. You make for a great Halloween costume but the holiday isn’t here yet throw a shirt on and let’s not make a spectacle of yourself. Fuckin’ New York…

Best Halloween Costume Ever

The greatest Halloween costume idea of all time? Maybe.

But now every sex offender in a 10 mile radius of these girls know who their next victims should be. No one will ever believe that the girls who cried rape for a week in October are actually be abducted, it’s the perfect plan!

And if god forbid this happens, at least Liam Neeson has another movie to star in.