So Was There Anything More Awkward Than Courtney Stodden’s Public Breast Exam? Ah, no.


So for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few months, Courtney Stodden is the 17-year-old who got her mother’s permission to marry creepy 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson (“actor” from LOST). The two have been making headlines for their bizarre relationship and constant PDA plus, recent rumors popped up that Courtney has had a bunch of plastic surgery including a boob job that she vehemently denies. So what’s next? Go on Dr. Drew to have a public breast exam to prove everyone wrong of course!

This one goes up there on the awkward scale. The silence in the studio, the seriousness of everyone’s face, the occasional “OH’s” and “AH’s”. This might be sandwiched on the list between getting caught jerking off and farting in front of your girlfriend for the first time. As much as this couple drives me nuts for being in the news for absolutely no reason, Dr. Drew easily tops them. Fuckin’ guys always criticizing people and belittling them and making himself seem superior. That’s why I thought it was a great moment when he thought he caught this bitch in a lie and then BAM! Sorry Doc it was just a bone we were looking at. Tits are real. Drew’s face was priceless like ‘give me that goddamn probe, there’s no way!’ I don’t blame you for thinking that though Drew. No girls from my school looked like this when I was 17 either.


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