LeBron Victimizes Yet Another Kid Under The Rim


Pretty sure this sums up LBJ’s career. Jumper, brick. Jumper, brick. Fuck it, dunk on a 14-year-old. I love the kid at the 0:42 mark who goes ‘You gotta make that!’ Nothing worse than getting shit talked to by a kid who can’t even drive. Then that smug asshole walks back to his seat all cocky like he just dunked on Dirk. I understand the lockout is hurting NBA players everywhere but go play flag football against college kids like Kevin Durant or play over seas like some of the other players. Stop embarrassing yourself on Youtube by Sandusky-ing kids under the rim.

Side note: You know after that second miss LBJ was thinking ‘goddamn it, this is gonna be all over the internet in an hour.’

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