Please Accept This Apology (NSFWish)

First, I just want to apologize for posting the Kony 2012 video this morning. The only rule I ever had before I made this website was that I would always keep all politics out of it. Yes, it’s an atrocity what is going on in Uganda and it’s always sad when children are involved but here’s the thing. After talking about it with a bunch of people, I agree that you can’t watch one Youtube video and think you understand all the facts about what’s going on over there. Yes, the video is powerful and moving but it’s also only one source that we’re getting the information from. The charity group Invisible Children apparently has been under scrutiny for not providing certain information to the Better Business Bureau and has been called shady by many professionals. I’m not saying they mean wrong or that this whole thing is a scam, I’m just saying know ALL the facts. If you’re more interested read this or this.

Now, I’m not sure how I make up for it but I did come across this video which might be a start. Maybe some women can tell me A) how this is comfortable B) What the point of even wearing pants at this point is. Either way I’m pretty sure this defies the laws of science.

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