Whatever Drug Geraldo Rivera Is On, I Want In!


So by now, unless you live on Mars, you’ve heard the story about Trayvon Martin who was walking down the street with a bag of Skittles and was shot to death by a neighborhood watch looney. So now Geraldo Rivera is coming out and saying that this would have never happened if he wasn’t wearing a hoodie and that parents should not let their kids leave home wearing them.

Listen Riv, not for nothing but check the mirror. Whoever told you leaving home with that ridiculous mustache was a great idea should be locked up cause if I saw you walking on the street, I would 110% mistake you for a pedophile and probably shoot you on spot. Only difference is that I’m pretty sure I’d get away with it cause no one would give a shit. Plant some pics of me as a kid running around in my underwear on ya and get the hell outta there. Open and shut case!

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