Old Grandma Tries To Take The Cinnamon Challenge; Hint…Epic Fail


Holyyyyyy shit! This piece of gold hit the white trash trifecta on the nose! Facial tattoos, half naked people, and swearing grandmas with no teeth. Simply amazing! The sounds that come out of this old bags mouth are just horrifying. At one point she sounded like a 1 week old baby crying and the next she was coughing like she had been working in a mine for 30 years. And those teeth didn’t fall out on accident! That gummy bear went into panic mode and evacuated everything in her mouth as quickly as she could.

Supposedly, this grandma is 60-years old and I’m not at all surprised that she looks 85. That’s what 45 years of drinking, smoking, and drugs will do to the human body. Sorry grandma, you do not get $50 and get those chiclets off the floor before the dog comes and buries them in the backyard.

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