Is A Real Thing Now That Hooks You Up With Your Facebook Friends



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That’s right. BangWithFriends has just upped the Facebook game to a new level. It’s apparently a 4-step process that allows you to pick the Facebook friends you want to bang but won’t let them know about it unless they pick you too. If that happens, both parties are told there is a match and the meeting place and time is left up to the both of you. No one on Facebook will ever know you’re on it because it’s a private app. The creator of the website had this to say: “Bang With Friends started with a late night conversation (actually an argument) on the purpose of online dating. The three of us chatted about what was the core of dating (aka the deal breaker) and it came down to having amazing sex. We knew that most relationships revolved around sex, and that even before the dating cycle began there were basic needs and rules of attraction that came into play – so we decided to cut the crap out, and get right down to the nitty gritty. Two hours later, and a few redbull vodkas in our stomach we had a live version – the site spreading and taking off was an accident, but now we’re hearing the craziest things from guys and girls about the site.”

What would you say the ratio of guys to girls is on this? Maybe like 1,121 guys for every 1 girl? And what happens when you actually get matched up? Then you get to awkwardly have that conversation with your friend of 10 years about how now you get to stick it in her thanks to BangWithFriends? I guess if your both on the site then so be it anyway, right?


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