Ever Watch A Concert From An Alcohol Loaded Blimp? Want To?

Craigslist: We rented a blimp for the show, holds 10 people and pilot, we got 7, 3 backed out, $300 per person. Blimp loads at 6pm in Jersey City near Pavonia. Will hover at 1000-1500 feet for duration of show. Loaded with a keg and munchies. Pilot will not be drinking of course. The windows open and will be the best seats in the house. Please note this blimp doesn’t have a bathroom. If you’re going to drink a lot you’ll have to use the “pilots hole” in the back. Pretty cool actually, take a pee right in the river. If you’re a chick you definitely don’t want to drink. Need 3 people, this is a serious post, picture of docked blimp in JC shown below. eMail if interested.


Buddy of mine just passed this on to me and apparently it’s a serious Craigslist ad to ride in a blimp just above the Mumford and Sons concert on the Hudson in NJ. Now I don’t know what the FAA regulations are for this type of shit so obviously I had my doubts. But then I thought about it, how many people can say they got fucked up in a blimp right above a huge concert? Fuck it if you can’t actually hear the music. You got a keg and an iPod dock that can blast whatever music you want to listen to. Three seats left…who’s in?

Side note: If you’re going to the concert dress for rain cause it sounds like this huge balloon will be dumping a lot of piss/puke on people down below.

-Thanks to Shumko for this!