Ever Watch A Concert From An Alcohol Loaded Blimp? Want To?

Craigslist: We rented a blimp for the show, holds 10 people and pilot, we got 7, 3 backed out, $300 per person. Blimp loads at 6pm in Jersey City near Pavonia. Will hover at 1000-1500 feet for duration of show. Loaded with a keg and munchies. Pilot will not be drinking of course. The windows open and will be the best seats in the house. Please note this blimp doesn’t have a bathroom. If you’re going to drink a lot you’ll have to use the “pilots hole” in the back. Pretty cool actually, take a pee right in the river. If you’re a chick you definitely don’t want to drink. Need 3 people, this is a serious post, picture of docked blimp in JC shown below. eMail if interested.


Buddy of mine just passed this on to me and apparently it’s a serious Craigslist ad to ride in a blimp just above the Mumford and Sons concert on the Hudson in NJ. Now I don’t know what the FAA regulations are for this type of shit so obviously I had my doubts. But then I thought about it, how many people can say they got fucked up in a blimp right above a huge concert? Fuck it if you can’t actually hear the music. You got a keg and an iPod dock that can blast whatever music you want to listen to. Three seats left…who’s in?

Side note: If you’re going to the concert dress for rain cause it sounds like this huge balloon will be dumping a lot of piss/puke on people down below.

-Thanks to Shumko for this!

Multiple Dudes Knocked Out In Grove St. PATH Station


Here is the risk of taking the PATH trains home late at night. One minute you’re drinking and having a great time with you’re friends, the next, you’re face up on the platform with a huge black guy saying he’s gonna cram his dick in your mouth. I have no idea what this was all about but I do know that when there is a long platform and it’s this late at night, you take advantage and stay away from everyone else. How jacked up would you be if you’re this black guy though?! You take down two guys in the subway in front of your girl, you get to use one of the greatest lines I’ve ever heard after putting someone on their ass, AND you turn around to see that someone got it all on film. This guy might straight up break his girl’s pussy tonight.

Side note: If you just listen to the audio it sounds like these guys got jacked up by Ice Cube.

Also…this is not at all what I was expecting the dude to be fucking with a huge black guy to look like.


Lepre-Con To Replace St. Patty’s Day Parade!

In response to the cancellation of the annual Hoboken St Patrick’s Day parade, we are sponsoring the first annual Hoboken Lepre-Con. In the spirit of the Christmas-time celebration of Santa-Con, we are inviting all revelers to carry on the spirit and tradition of the annual Hoboken St Patrick’s Day festivities with our Lepre-Con. Dress up in full Leprechaun garb or other Irish festive gearĀ and head over to Hoboken, NJ from 9am onward on Saturday March 3, 2012. Over the next few weeks, we will coordinate with Hoboken’s local watering holes to ensure that they are well prepared to receive us and keep this tradition alive.
More details to follow…

Link: http://www.hobokenlepre-con.com/

Like I said, you can cancel the parade but no way in hell you can stop people from partying. If this goes over anything like Santa-Con then I expect nothing less than headline news the next morning. We’ll try to keep up with the latest news about this but use the link on this page to keep yourself updated!