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Hey, she’s probably just possessed, that’s all! What. The. Fuck?! Note to self–eating Pringles with a ponytail on the subway may trigger zombie-like behaviors from crazy bitches.





Gizmodo: Sometimes the best way to drive a point home is pure, abject terror. And that’s the approach Leo Burnett London used in this ad that shows a rather extreme way to discourage drinking and driving. Unsuspecting bathroom patrons at a British pub were shocked to see the face of a woman come smashing through the mirror—complete with blood—as if she’d just gone through the windshield of a car on the other side of the wall. In reality it was just a mannequin, and the victims of this PSA were most likely actors, but the effect is no less unsettling. To the point where I’m pretty sure I’d never leave my house again had I experienced this. Mission accomplished.


Here’s the problem if they tried to catch me with this shit–I usually don’t break the seal until I’m 5 or 6 beers deep anyway. They pull this stunt with me at that point and I’ll punch the mannequin in the face from being scared or not even be able to acknowledge what’s going on. Sad I know, but that’s my reality. I know I don’t speak for everyone, but after being scared shitless from a head coming through the mirror at you, I would think the first thing people would need is a drink after leaving the bathroom, no? Kinda counter productive if you ask me.

So I was watching an interview with Damian Lewis the other day and had no idea he was British. He started talking and being the ignorant American I am, all I could think why the hell is Sgt. Nick Brody talking with a British accent? That made me think, who else is British that I probably have no idea about. Well, here’s the list I came up with. You may or may not be surprised by some of the names.


PSA: Never Buy A Used Condom!

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The more you know!

New Lynx Ad Promotes Public BJs

Posted: September 29, 2011 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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So this is an ad for Lynx? WTF is Lynx? Apparently it’s the British version of Axe Body Spray only their ads go a bit further. So you’re telling me that if I wear Lynx, chicks will publicly blow me without any questions asked? Sold and give me 10,000 shares of stock. Axe never promised me that. I don’t give a shit if it’s just an ad, I want what this guy’s got going for himself here and if Lynx says it could happen then why would they lie? Get me Lynx and get me it now!

Side note: What in fuck is going on with the clown in the background?