This Might Be The Worst Makeout Session I’ve Ever Seen


Listen, no one was perfect when they had their first kiss. How could you be? You had 0 experience and only knew what you saw on TV and in the movies. Chances are, I was this kid back in middle school just pressing my face against a girl’s head and frog licking her lips while holding hand(s). In fact, if it was anything like my first experience this kid has a raging boner under that backpack. Only difference is, this couple is not only older, but doing it on the subway in year 2014 when every person from 5-years old to 90 have cell phones to record it. If you’re going to imitate a mother bird feeding her young in front of a group of people, you gotta be ready for that shit to hit the internet…hard! Oh to be young and in love again.