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UPDATE: So just as I suspected the first video was from a few days ago and misleading but I guess you can compare it to what actually happened to Flight 17.

I say supposedly because it’s hard to believe anything on the internet nowadays but if it is then this is nuts. All of the news networks are scared to say a missile definitely took the plane out but let’s call a spade a spade–a missile took the fuckin’ plane out. The plane was flying over hostile territory where two planes had already been shot down and there were no prior reports of any problems on the plane. Bodies were scattered 7 miles across the crash site and debris just as far? I’m no FAA investigator but I don’t think I have to be to know that the plane broke up midair and the people who did this packed it in QUICK after seeing this shit go down. With 23 Americans on board, is this about when everyone puts their fingers on the button? Scary thought.

Side note: Good to know CNN has something to report on for the next two months.

Hey, Has Anyone Seen A Malaysian Airplane Around?

Posted: March 11, 2014 by subwaycreatures in News
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article-2578094-1C2F5E8000000578-934_634x502 Malaysian Airlines jet vanishes above Vietnam - 11 Mar 2014 article-2578094-1C31D0C000000578-539_634x432

I don’t think it’s been since the whole Manti Te’o fiasco that I’ve been so intrigued by a story in the news. Just so many mind blowing facts that keep coming out that makes this story get weirder and weirder. Stolen passports? Passengers phones are still ringing? The Malaysia military tracked the plane an hour after it just fell off radar? Absolutely no sign of debris or oil or ANYTHING? What the fuck, man? And forget talking to people about this. All the sudden everyone is a goddamn aviation expert on missing aircraft and concocting ridiculous theories. I’m actually shocked I didn’t wake up this morning to see the New York Post calling the two Iranian passengers terrorists on the front page of their paper. Everything from aliens, to asteroids, to the show LOST, everyone is collectively putting together the greatest blockbuster film of our era. That being said, 239 people are MIA and that’s not funny. Unfortunately at this point, I think the BEST scenario is that the plane was hijacked and at an abandoned air field right now. But goddamn is this a weird story!