Christian Ponder And Samantha Steele Are Engaged, And It’s Back To The Drawing Board For Me


Deadspin: It is confirmed, per Richard Deitsch. ESPN’s newest star, the lady who worked her way from being a ESPN Zone hostess to college football sideline reporter, is getting hitched to the Vikings’ second-year quarterback.

Goddamn it Christian Ponder! Give a man a chance! Sam Steele is on the scene for 2 seconds and you’re balls deep in the her. Next thing you know you’re throwing a ring on her finger and calling her Mrs. Ponder. But you know what, I’m gonna look at this optimistically. One less threat out for me. Sam I still see you and when your boy loses his starting job and you catch him bottoming out in Erin Andrews, don’t say I didn’t tell you so. The guy has Tiger Woods Syndrome written all over his face.