Christian Ponder And Samantha Steele Are Engaged, And It’s Back To The Drawing Board For Me


Deadspin: It is confirmed, per Richard Deitsch. ESPN’s newest star, the lady who worked her way from being a ESPN Zone hostess to college football sideline reporter, is getting hitched to the Vikings’ second-year quarterback.

Goddamn it Christian Ponder! Give a man a chance! Sam Steele is on the scene for 2 seconds and you’re balls deep in the her. Next thing you know you’re throwing a ring on her finger and calling her Mrs. Ponder. But you know what, I’m gonna look at this optimistically. One less threat out for me. Sam I still see you and when your boy loses his starting job and you catch him bottoming out in Erin Andrews, don’t say I didn’t tell you so. The guy has Tiger Woods Syndrome written all over his face.


This Little Bastard Was The Only Person In The World Who Picked Baylor over K-State


BAYLOR fans didn’t even pick their team over number 1 seeded Kansas State, yet 5-year old Braden Pape knew goddamn well that K-State was gonna blow it. This little man appeared on ESPN College Gameday Saturday morning and boldly predicted this upset in front of Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit. All three analysis laughed at the kid when he made the pick and Corso gave his smug “not so fast” remark but Braden just sat their and smiled as if he knew something we all didn’t. And apparently he did. And if you think Little B was just picking teams based on colors, think again. He had stats and info to back up every pick. ESPN, get this kid a job!

Clip below is not the Baylor pick, but Lee Corso also calls the kid a midget.