Our Move of the Day Ends Crazy Drunk Man’s Fight


Ahhh the adventures of the A-train continue. Here is a perfect example of the difference between me and those who were born and raised in NYC. I see a crazy drunk guy with googly eyes licking blood of his arm and holding up a train of angry ghetto passengers, I step off and take my chances walking home from whatever stop I’m at. Don’t get me wrong, I will always stand up for myself when the time calls, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. These dudes act like they deal with this on a daily basis. The older guy actually takes on this asshole and knocks him down TWICE! That’s probably the point where I would jump in. It’s like blood in the water for me. I see this guy has a weakness and I jump in when it’s safe.


How frustrated would you be if this guy finally gets knocked down and the MTA guy keeps the door open? Even I was watching this going “close the door! Close the door!” But here is where the move of the day comes in. Like a scene from a Steven Seagal movie, one of the passengers grabs both handrails and gives a flying chest kick which Crazy Eyes Jamal wasn’t even expecting! Perfect execution to a perfect move in a crazy situation. Doors close, boom it’s a wrap! Like a gorilla at the zoo, he’s on the wrong side of the glass wondering how he got there. Chronicles of the A-train indeed!

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