Best Description Of A Car Crash Ever!


So I think this guy should drink decaf. I thought my dad gave the best descriptions of car accidents until I came across this gem! I love this guy. Imagine what living with him would be like?

So dad, how was your day at work? Well I was trying to make copies today and BAM the friggin’ copier started eating my paper so I tried to pull it out and then all the sudden my tie got stuck and WHAP it started sucking me into the copier! I FLIPPED the machine over and people came over to help but they couldn’t get to me in time before I was sucking face with the copier. Oh man! I’m fine but someone took a video of it and when I watched it I was like AHHHHHH! DAMN!

Who the fuck am I kidding, this guy doesn’t work in an office. All I think of when I see him is Chris Farley and if this news station was smart, they would hire him for field reporting. I would watch the news every single night!

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