Man Admits to Fiancee He’s Fathered 70 Children


Are you my daddy? So this dude is going to marry blondie here and this is the first time she’s hearing that his spunk has fathered around 70 kids? What else you got for us guy? So I’m sure his thinking was ‘as long as I’m gonna beat off, might as well make some money outta the whole deal.’ But here’s the part he probably never thought of. A) When he’s in a situation like right now and has to admit to a chick that he’s related to half of the tri-state area. B) When those little bastards grow up they’re going to come asking for college money and a relationship with their real father. It’s gotta be hard enough with 1 but you got 70 running around? You better hope that none of them grow up to be like you and they take the other route and become successful and/or athletes. Cause if not, brotha you got big problems coming your way…

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