Woman Turns 100, Demands A Stripper At Her Party


You shoot for the moon and you get a stripper.  I’m not gonna hate on you Claire, when I turn 100 there better be multiple strippers at my party. Strippers, alcohol, and loud music. I highly doubt I’ll make it that far with the lifestyle I have, but if I do, I wanna be motor boating until my heart stops. Are we sure this lady is definitely alive during all of this? Imagine living this long? She can’t even touch ‘Scorpion’ without someone spotting her hand because she’s so old. How much fun can that be? And does she talk? I wanna hear what this old bag has to say! She’s probably got the craziest stories to share. “Did I ever tell you about the time I played suck and blow during the Great Depression with Herbert Hoover?” Hey Claire, the times may have changed but you can never turn a ho into a housewife and that much I know.

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