Florida Politician Wants To Repeal Dwarf Tossing Ban

Palm Beach Post:

Citing his “quest to seek and destroy unnecessary burdens on the freedom and liberties of people,” a Republican state legislator has submitted a billthat would repeal Florida’s 22-year-old ban on tossing little people for sport at bars. He’s doing it for job creation! The bill’s sponsor, Melbourne-based Rep. Ritch Workman, told the Palm Beach Post that the “archaic” 1989 ban serves no other purpose than to “prevent some dwarfs from getting jobs they would be happy to get…In this economy, or any economy, why would we want to prevent people from getting gainful employment?” Make no mistake: Workman’s no fan of dwarf-tossing! He calls it “repulsive and stupid.” But he doesn’t believe the state should tell dwarves that they can’t be tossed for pay. Workman reportedly created his bill without talking to any little people, maybe because he didn’t know any or lost their numbers or JOBS. Meanwhile, past and present leaders of the Little People of America don’t support his bill at all:

“The people who were thrown [before the ban] were alcoholics with low self-esteem,” said [former Little People of America president] Robert Van Etten, 62, of Stuart. “Many of them were injured. One committed suicide.”


“[Dwarf tossing is] something that brings out the worst element in some people, and it’s focused on people who are the most vulnerable,” Van Etten said.

Finally a politician I can vote for! This guy was definitely in a frat in college. And way to cash in on the current economy and job situation. I agree! Give dwarfs, midgets, little people, etc. something to do! All we’re doing is creating jobs here. I had a friend who hired one of these little guys for St. Patrick’s Day and dressed him up in a leprechaun costume to take pictures and serve beer. You know what that little shit did? He got drunk off his ass, tried to rape a chick, and at the end of the night was asking everyone if they knew where he could get coke. See, midgets have habits they need to pay for too. Let’s not discriminate and make these people go underground. I support this bill all over America! I’m on your side little guys.

Side note: If this bill passes, what better way to celebrate than tossing little guys around your office!

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