A Yankees Fan Vents…


So just like any Yankee fan who woke up this morning, my friend needed to vent about the ridiculousness of last night. He asked me if he could send me something to post so of course I obliged. Anything to talk a friend off the ledge. In my opinion the right team won last night and if the Yankees plan on competing next season, they have a number of issues to address. But I’ll let Drags do the talking:


by Chris Drags

Last night the Yankees pulled off what took the Red Sox a full month to do
and did it in 1 day; they collapsed. They lost to an above average, but not
stellar, Detroit Tigers team at home, on their stage, playing by their rules
and were flat out embarrassed.  Don’t let the score fool you, the Yankees
were the worst team in baseball last night; and that is an indisputable
fact. They were 2 for 9 with runners in scoring position, 0 for 4 with the
bases loaded and they left 11 runners stranded; clearly this is the result
of $200 million at work.  It was not only frustrating as all hell but simply
sad.  The Yankees are a team that gloat more than Rex Ryan on a good day
about ‘Championship or bust’ but have only delivered on this once in the
past past decade.  The only aspect that came through last night was the
bullpen; the runs coming from starting pitchers; Nova’s two solo home runs
and CC’s “relief” ER.

The batting, their proclaimed strength, was abysmal throughout the entire
series and may have saved Girardi’s job; he can’t make ’em hit. A-Rod had an
A-Rod series batting .111,  Texiera continued to prove that he’s only a
glove at .167, Swisher, though entertaining as the Yankee Joker (dance for
us Swisher!!) continued to show that it’s  not all fun and games batting an
improved .211 and Martin, while putting on a clinic behind the plate, hit an
abysmal .176; maybe he would have done better against his hated Red Sox?
Jeter and Granderson (.250), Cano (.318), Gardner (.412). This leaves Posada
who hit an impressive .429 but was left looking like a sad child who keeps
wondering why no one wants to play with him; it was his last game as a
Yankee and he was the only one who played like a Yankee!!

It’s time to clean house.

Posada should get some sort of memorial in Yankee stadium, not monument
park, something equivalent to one step down as he won’t be on the team next
year.  Swisher, don’t let the door hit you on your giggling ass on the way
out.  Colon and Garcia served their purpose but need to make way for the
Killer B’s.  Chavez (who was kind of on the team) and Jones are gone.
Montero, IN.  Texiera is a $22.5 million glove and A-Rod is clearly past his
prime and an at best #5 hitter.   Cano, Granderson and Gardner are the only
redeeming qualities on the batting side, as long as Cano stops smiling like
a giddy school girl every time his hits a  home run; you’re team was still
down 3-1 and A-Rod was up next, the inning was over!! If second half Jeter
and Nova show up next year, and CC falls off the Captain Crunch wagon they
won’t fall on anyone’s chapping block.  It’s time to put Hughes in the
bullpen full time and bring up the Killer B’s (Banuelos and Betances) and
let them pull their version of the Rays utilizing home-grown pitching who
mow people down. It’s also time to cash in on Burnett’s one good game of the
season and trade him away for ANYTHING YOU CAN GET, even offer to pay $6
million of his contract.  Use the remaining $10.5 for a long innning relief
pitcher who is not Cory Wade and a quality second left handed reliever to
relieve Logan; this gives the killer B’s a security blanket next year.

Last night will not be the last time the Yankees make it to the post season,
not in a long shot, but last night did demonstrate why Cashman can’t go out
and buy up all the big money guys who play only during contract years.  It’s
time to find a new core four and let Jeter and Mo teach them the Yankee ways
before there aren’t any true Yanks left.  It was more than a chink in the
armor, it was a fatal blow.  Girardi has one year left to prove he can Billy
Beane his way to another championship, otherwise, next year this time, his
head will be where the Yankees bats are.

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