Could Mets Deal SP Wheeler And C D’Arnaud For Giancarlo Stanton?


DailyNews: PHILADELPHIA — When the Marlins traded Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson to Toronto last November, Mets officials began asking one another questions that remain in their minds today: Can we get Giancarlo Stanton? Would we trade Zack Wheeler to do it? According to three team sources, the Mets then spent time at the winter meetings debating whether to make Wheeler available in a variety of trades, including for Arizona’s Justin Upton and Kansas City’s Wil Myers. Neither of those outfielders seemed worth the organization’s top pitching prospect, but Stanton is in a different category. Although they do not know if the Marlins will move him (Miami declined to shop Stanton even after the outfielder tweeted about being “pissed off” after the Reyes trade), the Mets continue to monitor the situation, fully realizing that any deal would almost certainly have to include Wheeler and top catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud. Would you trade those blue chippers for a guy who might become the premier slugger of his generation? I say, hell yes, duh, no-brainer, but let’s hear from people whose opinions actually matter. “In a heartbeat,” said one Mets official, who is not in Alderson’s inner-circle of decision-makers, but has a voice in discussions. The guy then snapped his fingers. “Nothing against those kids, but it’s Giancarlo.” Said another Mets official, also not in the top tier of decision-makers: “If you could do that, you would have to. You trade the pitcher for the everyday player almost every time.” And what about d’Arnaud, the catcher of the future acquired in December for Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey? “You can figure the catching out later,” the official said. “You have John Buck now, and hey, Brian McCann is going to be a free agent.” Added a scout familiar with the players in this still-fictional deal: “Wheeler and d’Arnaud for Stanton? I would say the Mets might have to give up more than that.” Have the Mets and Marlins actually discussed a trade like this? That depends on who you ask. One source said that Alderson and Miami GM Larry Beinfest, sitting on golf carts at a minor league game in Jupiter, Fla., this spring, engaged in a preliminary chat about Stanton, which was lighthearted and informal, and not in any way a serious negotiation. A second source said that the two talked while sitting in the carts, but not necessarily about a trade, or Stanton, or any of this. Alderson did not return a phone call on Wednesday. OK, let’s step back for some context. First of all, a mea culpa. Back in February, a rumor popped up online saying that the two clubs were discussing these players. It was roundly dismissed by reporters, myself included. That, in fact, is how this revelation came about. I was chatting with a Mets person recently, and alluded to that rumor in a dismissive way. The guy shook his head and said, “There is heat there.”


Poor Mets’ fans. How wet are they right now thinking about this pipe dream being a possibility? I mean yea, obviously the trade would make so much sense for them and Stanton would become the next big face of the organization, but let’s keep in mind that Murphy’s Law applies to the Mets. Whether it’s pitcher’s arms falling off (Johan Santana), huge busts (Jason Bay), or the organization losing money (Madoff scandal), the Mets can never catch a break. Let’s think of a few scenarios that would probably play out in this trade:

Stanton gets hurt after trade. Trade is complete and Wheeler and d’Arnaud are sent to Florida. Giancarlo signs an 8 year deal worth $160 million. He’s shagging balls in batting practice and pulls a Mariano Rivera. Tears his ACL back pedaling for a popup. Season over and career is never the same.

Stanton cracks under NY pressure. Baseball is a completely different sport under the scrutiny of the NY media and fan base. When some players are put under the microscope and an entire city looks up to one player, they can’t always step up. Stanton turns out to be one of these guys after the trade. Every other night is a golden sombrero and he finishes the season with 15 homeruns. Fans boo him every time he steps into the box and his name is discussed in the same sentence as Jason Bay, Mo Vaughn, and Victor Zambrano.

Zack Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud turn out to be better players. Trade is done and Giancarlo Stanton ends up putting up the expected numbers he’s been putting up in Miami for the past few years. Only thing is that Zack Wheeler is now a Cy Young candidate winning 20 games and Travis d’Arnaud makes John Buck look like a minor leaguer. Marlins look in the rear view as they pass Mets in standings.

Yankees Swoop in last second and trade for Stanton. The least likely of any scenario but who couldn’t see the Yankees trying to pull it off? As Mets’ fans go to bed thinking the deal is done, they wake up in the AM to find out Stanton got traded to the Yankees for Brett Gardner, a number of prospects and draft picks, cash, gold, a few cars, Steinbrenner’s yacht, a year’s worth of bats, and a 2009 World Series ring. The suicide rate in Long Island and Queens sky rockets as well as riots bigger than the Rodney King riots. New York is burned to the ground.

So now we just step back and watch as the Mets try not to fuck this one up. Not to say it’s going to happen but it sounds like it makes sense for everyone involved. Time will tell…

A Yankees Fan Vents…


So just like any Yankee fan who woke up this morning, my friend needed to vent about the ridiculousness of last night. He asked me if he could send me something to post so of course I obliged. Anything to talk a friend off the ledge. In my opinion the right team won last night and if the Yankees plan on competing next season, they have a number of issues to address. But I’ll let Drags do the talking:


by Chris Drags

Last night the Yankees pulled off what took the Red Sox a full month to do
and did it in 1 day; they collapsed. They lost to an above average, but not
stellar, Detroit Tigers team at home, on their stage, playing by their rules
and were flat out embarrassed.  Don’t let the score fool you, the Yankees
were the worst team in baseball last night; and that is an indisputable
fact. They were 2 for 9 with runners in scoring position, 0 for 4 with the
bases loaded and they left 11 runners stranded; clearly this is the result
of $200 million at work.  It was not only frustrating as all hell but simply
sad.  The Yankees are a team that gloat more than Rex Ryan on a good day
about ‘Championship or bust’ but have only delivered on this once in the
past past decade.  The only aspect that came through last night was the
bullpen; the runs coming from starting pitchers; Nova’s two solo home runs
and CC’s “relief” ER.

The batting, their proclaimed strength, was abysmal throughout the entire
series and may have saved Girardi’s job; he can’t make ’em hit. A-Rod had an
A-Rod series batting .111,  Texiera continued to prove that he’s only a
glove at .167, Swisher, though entertaining as the Yankee Joker (dance for
us Swisher!!) continued to show that it’s  not all fun and games batting an
improved .211 and Martin, while putting on a clinic behind the plate, hit an
abysmal .176; maybe he would have done better against his hated Red Sox?
Jeter and Granderson (.250), Cano (.318), Gardner (.412). This leaves Posada
who hit an impressive .429 but was left looking like a sad child who keeps
wondering why no one wants to play with him; it was his last game as a
Yankee and he was the only one who played like a Yankee!!

It’s time to clean house.

Posada should get some sort of memorial in Yankee stadium, not monument
park, something equivalent to one step down as he won’t be on the team next
year.  Swisher, don’t let the door hit you on your giggling ass on the way
out.  Colon and Garcia served their purpose but need to make way for the
Killer B’s.  Chavez (who was kind of on the team) and Jones are gone.
Montero, IN.  Texiera is a $22.5 million glove and A-Rod is clearly past his
prime and an at best #5 hitter.   Cano, Granderson and Gardner are the only
redeeming qualities on the batting side, as long as Cano stops smiling like
a giddy school girl every time his hits a  home run; you’re team was still
down 3-1 and A-Rod was up next, the inning was over!! If second half Jeter
and Nova show up next year, and CC falls off the Captain Crunch wagon they
won’t fall on anyone’s chapping block.  It’s time to put Hughes in the
bullpen full time and bring up the Killer B’s (Banuelos and Betances) and
let them pull their version of the Rays utilizing home-grown pitching who
mow people down. It’s also time to cash in on Burnett’s one good game of the
season and trade him away for ANYTHING YOU CAN GET, even offer to pay $6
million of his contract.  Use the remaining $10.5 for a long innning relief
pitcher who is not Cory Wade and a quality second left handed reliever to
relieve Logan; this gives the killer B’s a security blanket next year.

Last night will not be the last time the Yankees make it to the post season,
not in a long shot, but last night did demonstrate why Cashman can’t go out
and buy up all the big money guys who play only during contract years.  It’s
time to find a new core four and let Jeter and Mo teach them the Yankee ways
before there aren’t any true Yanks left.  It was more than a chink in the
armor, it was a fatal blow.  Girardi has one year left to prove he can Billy
Beane his way to another championship, otherwise, next year this time, his
head will be where the Yankees bats are.

Bigger Meltdown: ’11 Red Sox or the ’04 Yankees?


The word ‘unbelievable’ does absolutely no justice to what took place last night. Hollywood could not write a better script. Commentators and analysts alike were speechless and could not exactly describe what they had just witnessed but knew immediately that it was a special night in sports. The Boston Red Sox blow a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the 9th inning and the Tampa Rays overcome a 7-0 deficit in extra innings to beat the New York Yankees. It didn’t matter who you were a fan of (other than Sox fans) last night because the stars aligned and something we will probably never see again took place. A rain delay and extra innings caused both games to end almost simultaneously and both in dramatic fashion.


This was beyond the ‘bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, with 2 outs scenario.’ This was playoff spot on the line, a team in the midst of self destructing, and a city that wouldn’t give up. Tampa fans had their eyes glued to the out of town scoreboard with fingers crossed, hoping the Red Sox would somehow blow a lead with their closer, Jonathan Papelbon, on the mound. As I was switching back and forth between games, I watched as the Orioles tied the game on a hit and knew that the Tampa fans were going to go crazy. Sure enough the place erupted. Then, $142 million outfielder Carl Crawford couldn’t make a diving play and the Orioles won the game in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the 9th inning. I switched right back to the Tampa game waiting for the scoreboard to glow. Sure enough, the fans went so crazy that Evan Longoria had to step out of the batters box to take in what was going on. Tampa had a chance…


Literally 3 minutes later, Longoria made contact with a ball that looked like might only be a double off the wall but somehow landed on the opposite side of the yellow line. He said it himself, that was probably the only place in the park that the ball would’ve gone out. Instant chills. The way everything went down last night was something that is hard to explain unless you are a sports fan and were actually watching. I had no interest in any team playing but I understood the impact of it.


Now this brings up today’s question. Who had a bigger meltdown? The ‘heavily favored to win the World Series’ Boston Red Sox went 7-20 down the stretch and blew any chance they had at the playoffs. This is not even considering the dramatics of last night when they blew a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the 9th inning to the last place Orioles. We also cannot forget the ’04 Yankees who were up 3 games to none over the Red Sox to go to the World Series. A comeback of this magnitude had never been done before in baseball and also ended the 86 year curse in Boston. Who you got?


BREAKING NEWS: The Yankees Hate The Red Sox



NEW YORK — Adding fuel to baseball’s bitterest rivalry, New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin said he hates the Boston Red Sox and would relish adding to their misery by helping to eliminate them from the playoffs during this weekend’s series between the two teams. “Anything to get the Red Sox out would be awesome for me,” said Martin, who has been involved in the rivalry for one season. When asked why, Martin sounded like the truest Bleacher Creature. “Because I hate the Red Sox,” Martin said. Last winter, Martin almost went to Boston. The three teams most interested in signing him as a free agent were the Yankees, the Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays. The Yankees outbid the other clubs and gave Martin the best chance to start. Martin, 28, got $4 million plus performance bonuses.


This just in! This just in! A New York Yankee hates the Boston Red Sox and wants nothing but to eliminate their playoff hopes! Oh my God the humanity! Even my 11 year old sister who doesn’t follow baseball knows that the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry is the most heated, competitive rivalry in any sport played. The games reach record lengths, the stadiums sell out, and most of the time at least 2 of the 3 games of the series get nationally televised. Why is this even news that Russell Martin hates the Red Sox? I mean no shit! Poll both clubhouses and give me the names of any player who doesn’t hate the other team and I’m sure you won’t see them on the roster next year. I’m 99.9% sure there is a clause when you sign a contract for either team saying you HAVE to hate the other and eliminate any chance they might have at the playoffs.


Despite the way the Sox are currently playing, if they make the playoffs they still have a shot at winning. So yes, if I were Russell Martin I would watch their games with a shit-eating grin rubbing my hands together as they blow their last chance at playoff hopes. And if it means the Yankees can’t sit back and rest players and actually have to TRY down the home stretch then goddamnit do it! This is October we’re talking about here! Fuckin’ New Yawk and Bahston media, I tell ya…