Another Soccer Goalkeeper Is Hit In The Head With A Firework…New Twist This Time


Being a soccer goalkeeper looks about as safe as living in the Gaza Strip these days. Just kidding, soccer players wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a war zone. A bomb would go off 10 miles away and they would all dive to the ground and roll around for an hour grabbing their shins. I mean seriously, talk about a delayed reaction. This guy is standing there for a good 3 seconds after the firework goes off before he grabs his face and falls to the ground like he just got sniped out. Here’s the twist this time though. Since the last firework incident, security has cracked down on what fans bring to these games. So how did they get in then? Well, a female fan loaded up some condoms with fireworks and stuffed them inside her to human mule gunpowder into the stadium. The lengths soccer fans go to support their team is unprecedented.

Fat Dude Reacts To NFL Refs Pretty Much The Same Way We All Did



How this enormous human being did not have a heart attack and/or stroke and die on spot is beyond me! Just a typical McDonald’s All-American right here reacting the same way we all did over the weekend once again about the replacement officials. It’s almost as if they are taunting us now. But as I read on other sites, the NFL isn’t budging to the demands of the referees because…well…they don’t have to. Ratings this weekend were UP from a year ago and people just keep tuning in to these games. As long as that remains consistent Roger Goodell has zero reason to give in and pay these refs what they want. Is the integrity of the game at risk? Yep. But money is what keeps this train running and as long as that keeps coming in, we’re gonna keep seeing venting sessions like this all over the place!

This Just Might Be The Greatest Performance From A Fan Running On To The Field


If there’s one thing soccer needs, its entertainment. No wonder they let their fans do whatever they want. This hooligan had time to celebrate a goal with his favorite team, whisper some sweet nothings into the scorer’s ear, and beat off all over the opposing fans before anyone even had the notion of escorting him off. Even then he was still able to pull his pants down and moon some people without being tazed, pepper sprayed, or tackled. This guy is my hero….for the day.