NYC Idiot Subway Surfs Outside Of The J Train, A MUST SEE!!!

One man’s thrill-seeking antics on a subway train are sparking a crackdown on what’s known as “subway surfing.” And as CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown reports, it was all caught on video. They were some of the luckiest moments of a man’s life – the day he decided to try what’s known as “subway surfing” … and live to tell about it. Stunned straphangers riding the J train captured the stunt on their cell phonesand later posted it to YouTube. Some were concerned it was an emergency until they saw the man interacting with them. He’s seen grinning and putting his fingers to his lips. The man’s high-speed antics are part of a recent underground trend where thrill-seekers latch onto the outside of moving trains – risking their own lives as well as others. “I think it’s stupid and crazy,” subway rider Brandon Santori told Brown. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority agrees, calling the man’s actions both stupid and dangerous in a statement: “We have referred it to the transit bureau of the NYPD for investigation.” However, this incident was far from being an isolated incident. The fad is growing in popularity. The MTA has launched a campaign warning riders not to try this – something, you might think, would be common sense. Police confirmed Tuesday night people have been killed attempting these kinds of dangerous stunts, but neither the MTA nor NYPD keep track of those statistics.


Finally! A true subway creature! I blogged about subway surfing a while back but this takes it to another level. What do you possibly have to be on to think this is a great idea. To be honest, I agree with this guy recording, I kinda like this dude. If I die, I die! Just riding the outside of that train like he’s in a new Lethal Weapon movie. And then the little subway rat jumps into a doorway and starts running around the inside of the wall. Who is this guy? Hell yea I wanna Facebook him!


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