Girls Jump Gate In Subway, Fight NYPD #OccupyJailCell



Girls jumps NYC Subway gate to avoid fare. When cops try to arrest them…. this is what happens.


Damn times must really be tough. For $2.25 you’ve now tacked on avoiding a subway fare, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer. Very impressive. Most people don’t realize that most gates in the subway are watched by police on surveillance cameras . My friends found that out the hard way back in high school when they decided to hop the turnstiles and 2 seconds later police had them in HQ handing out fines. What a feeling that must be for the police though. Sitting there all day just waiting for someone to hop the gate and BAM! ‘Pssst. 10-4, We got a group of female hoppers. I’m going in! Gonna need some backup they look a little hostile.’


Sidenote: If I were NYPD I would definitely wanna be the plain clothes cop who carries the badge around his neck. Straight up 21 Jump Street style. Bad ass!



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