This Is Why I Love NYC


So about a year ago I’m walking home from dinner and I see this piece of work on the sidewalk. I stopped for a second and thought to myself if this guy is gonna walk around like this then he deserves to be filmed. It’s not even close to Halloween and this dude is full blown about to walk down down aisle. I pull my camera out and start recording him and I don’t think I even need to say that he was not happy about it. He repeatedly hits me with his purse which I feel only made the clip even better but as he walks away tries to tell me it’s illegal to film him. Ohhhh buddy, you walk around the public streets of NY like that and you better expect somebody to film you. Then some lady behind me says that I was mean to him. Excuse me?! Am I the crazy one here? Never know what you’ll run into in this city and I love it!

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