83-Year-Old Man Arrested On Male Prostitution Charges



Centerville Police said they have arrested an 83-year-old man on charges of prostitution. The investigation of Ben Clifford Dawson of Centerville began on October 22. Dawson is listed as a candidate for Centerville City Council. According to police, they received a complaint that Dawson had offered to perform sex acts on a woman in exchange for repayment of a loan. Dawson allegedly grabbed the victim and began kissing her neck without consent. As a result, Dawson faces two aggravated misdemeanor charges: prostitution and intent to commit sexual abuse. He was released from the Appanoose County Jail after posting $2,000 bond.


Damn, you really know that times are tough when an 83 year old man has no other option but to repay his debts in sex acts. Kind of makes you wonder if this is how Mr. Dawson lived his whole life. Like this has always been Ben’s form of currency. Hey Bob can I borrow your truck, I need to go to town today. Sure Ben, you know the deal…zippppp. That’s a pretty nice looking lawnmower, how much you want for her? $250? I got a better idea…zipppp. Gotta be careful with who you solicit to though Ben. Now your an 83 year old man going to jail on male prostitution charges. That’s the only place in the US where that is a universal form of currency.


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