Even More Bizarre Pictures Of Bieber’s Baby Mama

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Holy shit Biebs! What kind of cluster fuck did you get yourself into? Your girlfriend left you, you hooked up with a subway creature and now you might have a kid on the way at age 17. I want to sit here and hope you had just finished smoking salvia with Miley Cyrus when you met this chick but a part of me is just saying that’s not the case. I’m confident even I couldn’t do this bad on my drunkest night. Please come up with some elaborate story to back these allegations up ASAP or give her hush money! I want this girl out of the news and I never want to hear about her again.


UPDATE: Apparently Biebs is still with his girl, he’s going to take a DNA test to prove this bitch wrong, and this psycho who claims Biebs knocked her up has pulled this stunt with her ex so clearly she’s looking for money and attention. Fuckin’ chicks man…

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