Man Hands Out Fetus Dolls To Halloween Trick-or-Treaters


Well it makes for a good conversation starter, no? ‘Daddy, where do baby fetuses come from?’ At least the guy wasn’t prejudice about the little bastards. I saw a black one in there. Listen, it might not have been the best timing to give those out but as a parent, you tell your kid it’s a sleeping baby doll and move on with life.

If anything the kid has all the right to be pissed. I HATED getting anything other than candy for Halloween. Thanks for the nickel and 3 pennies lady, what do you want me to do with this? Maybe if I’m lucky enough to get another dollar in change I can buy my candy on Halloween! And then there’s the people that give random objects from around their house. I seriously had a woman give me a knitted finger puppet one time. Just one. Not even two where at least I can have a conversation between the two of them on my fingers. People, go to the store and buy candy on Halloween. Maybe then your house won’t get egged every year.

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