If I Ever Got This Friend Request I’d Delete My Facebook


What’s the best way to scare a guy into using a condom? How about sending him a creepy Facebook friend request from the baby he might have if he doesn’t use one? Brazilian agency AGE Isobar organized just such an insidious campaign for Olla condoms recently, as outlined in the case-study video below. The agency apparently targeted specific guys and created actual Facebook profiles for their unborn children (by tacking “Jr.” on to their names), who then attempt to friend Daddy. Kind of a clever idea, though labor intensive—and surely against Facebook’s usage guidelines.


I don’t need Facebook bad enough to be accepting friend requests from my future children. Delete that shit, lay low for a while, and good luck on your quest you little bastard. In all seriousness though what a dumb idea. If my brain didn’t tell me to use a condom, then what makes you think it’s going to tell me to think about recent friend requests I received on Facebook. Besides, everyone knows it’s impossible to get a girl pregnant if she’s on top. It’s pure science.

Man Hands Out Fetus Dolls To Halloween Trick-or-Treaters


Well it makes for a good conversation starter, no? ‘Daddy, where do baby fetuses come from?’ At least the guy wasn’t prejudice about the little bastards. I saw a black one in there. Listen, it might not have been the best timing to give those out but as a parent, you tell your kid it’s a sleeping baby doll and move on with life.

If anything the kid has all the right to be pissed. I HATED getting anything other than candy for Halloween. Thanks for the nickel and 3 pennies lady, what do you want me to do with this? Maybe if I’m lucky enough to get another dollar in change I can buy my candy on Halloween! And then there’s the people that give random objects from around their house. I seriously had a woman give me a knitted finger puppet one time. Just one. Not even two where at least I can have a conversation between the two of them on my fingers. People, go to the store and buy candy on Halloween. Maybe then your house won’t get egged every year.