Big Blue Weekend Kicks Off With ‘I Am A Champion’


Dallas. Check. Atlanta. Check. Next stop…15-1 Green Bay. All corny headline titles aside, I cannot wait until Justin Tuck separates Aaron Rodgers’ shoulders. Everyone keeps saying ‘I wonder what defense will show up’ or ‘I wonder what Eli will show up.’ How about the defense that has showed up for the past 2 weeks just embarrassing the opponents offense or the Eli that is on pace for another Super Bowl MVP truck? What’s even better is when Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz are discount double checking and salsa dancing all over the endzone. Also, will someone please shut BJ Raji the hell up? Ya didn’t do shit all year and now you’re gonna open your mouth? You’re Jersey, you ski in your jeans. Sunday can’t come soon enough and I expect every Giants fan to be sporting their blue this weekend!

Side Note: Fuck Tim Tebow and the halo he rides in on. I hate the Patriots but this ESPN coverage NEEDS TO BE STOPPED before my head explodes! Go Pats.

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