Tazer Soccer Rugby Sounds Like An Amazing Game


Where the hell do I sign up? Tazer ball seems like the most bad ass game I’ve ever seen. I’ve been tazed before and it straight up paralyzes the shit out of you. Mix that with tackling, hard hits, and a soccer ball on steroids and you have a new Olympic sport. Yea there might be some fatalities, severe injuires, and/or paralysis, but that’s what draws the crowds. People don’t go to NASCAR to watch the cars drive in circles. They go to watch the Dale Earnhardt’s of the world crash into cement walls at 200MPH. I think this is a much better way to go out. You hear about Rick? He went up for the ball, got tazed in the head, landed on his neck, and then run over by 5 juiceheads. He didn’t make it but damn what a bad ass.

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