Russian Subway Accepts Squats As Payment For Riding


You know what the sad part about this is? The line for the real MTA machine would still be 20 people deep because that’s the way Americans are. Fat, selfish, lazy assholes who in almost 2014, expect everything to get done for them without having to lift a finger. Plus it’s NYC so I’m sure the ticket booth would demand at least 50 squats just because. Good luck getting people like this guy to do 5 squats without their knees snapping.



NYC: Get Ready For A Taxi Fare Hike

NBC: The Taxi and Limousine Commission is planning hearings on whether to raise taxi fares by as much as 20 percent. City officials announced Monday that a public hearing is scheduled for May 31 to consider raising fares by 16 percent to 20 percent. Taxi owners and drivers have petitioned the commission to raise fares. Industry groups have cited high gasoline prices and the new livery fleet in the outer-boroughs. TLC Commissioner David Yassky said the commission will consider their petitions over the next couple of months. “The fare hasn’t changed since 2006, so it is reasonable for taxi drivers and fleet owners to put this on the table,” Yassky said. Base fare is now $2.50 plus $2 a mile. According to the Daily News, an average trip of 2.76 miles costs a rider $11.82. That would go up to more than $14 with a 20 percent hike.


Goddamn it! As if living in the city isn’t expensive enough now I gotta pay Habib $30 to get from the Upper West Side to the Lower East Side. Yea I know there’s always the subway, but have you ever been in the subway after 1 AM? Picture the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ Video meets Gangs of New York meets Animal House. Probably the last place in the world I wanna be when I’m drunk, have to piss, and feigning for a chicken gyro. My budget is gonna become tighter then a nun if this gets passed and it sounds like it will. Looks like Ramen noodles and PBRs are in the near future…the sacrifices we make!