After A Huge Brawl, Guy Gets Run Over By An Escalade [WARNING: GRAPHIC]


Well, that Escalade-d quickly. Get it? See what I did there? Ah man, it’s been a long weekend but definitely longer for this guy who became part of a NYC street Friday night. Kind of hard to follow what’s going on in the whole melee but to drive up on the sidewalk and ruin your expensive Cadillac truck, then run someone over is bat shit crazy.

The Chinese Have To Be The Coldest People In The World


Two years-old bany girl was crushed by Van loaded with breads and Light Truck and ignored by 18 pedestrians except aunt garbage collector after seven minutes later. Where Satus Moral? No wonder why their country is always hit by the disaster and tragedy that cursed by God


Unfortunately this video is real and people like this actually exist. I know Asians are bad drivers but how do you 1) not see a kid standing in front of your truck and 2) Once you run him over and your truck pops up, keep going? 18 fuckin’ people just walk or ride by including another truck that runs the kid over again! Come on China, you guys are suppose to be smart! I guess compassion, morals, and concern don’t fall under that category.

On a sidenote, great parenting letting a 2 year old stroll down downtown China on her own. They found the rag doll of a kid on accident when the aunt was walking home after 15 minutes. Unbelievable…