Check Out This Revolutionary RC Helicopter Machine Gun


Welp, clearly this guy has never seen RoboCop. Just a matter of time before that thing goes haywire and turns on him. Oh, and since when does Russia have technology? I deal with footage from them on a regular basis that looks like it was shot on cameras from 1981. Guess they put the majority of their budget towards other things…like iPad flying machine guns.

Kid Slaps Brother With An iPad


Is it fake? Probably. But either way the sound of face-on-iPad is amazing. For anyone who has grown up with a sibling, you’ve always wanted to do something like this…just not with a $600 piece of technology.

Also, why do so many kids have iPads nowadays? Kids these days are on a completely different level, I swear to god. My 11-year old sister has a goddamn iPad and I don’t. All I had was a pager growing up and thought it was the greatest thing since dial-up AOL. Didn’t even know how to use it. This is a prime example of why I’m all for abortion.