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The south is a very special kind of place. The laws are different–it’s like living in 1955 and every once in a while you’ll walk out of your double-wide and see a 7-year old running next to a pickup truck with his father berating him on camera. I would say this is a form of child abuse but I’m pretty sure they don’t know what that is.

Side note: All I could think of watching this





I don’t know the first thing about Dragon Ball-Z but the fact that this is a real thing just made my entire weekend! When that hippie Brian Urlacher’d that woman and then flopped around like a fish out of water I almost pissed myself. She’s rolling around trying to find her teeth somewhere on that beach and he’s worried whether or not she’s gonna make it to their inner circle…fucking priceless!


I really don’t see the big deal. As one commenter pointed out, this could’ve been a lot worse. Ricky could’ve been on his hands and knees cramming a dildo in his ass. How do you train a parent for that one?


What a bitter punk. But you know what? The funniest, most entertaining punk I’ve ever come across. Just keepin’ it real in his own gym and the best part is that these smug Wall Street assholes actually pay him to get treated like a punching bag. Not learning a goddamn thing other than how to bend over and just take it. I’m putting Eric Kelly on the watch list with Shoenice and Francis.