Must See: Eric Kelly Keepin’ It Real


What a bitter punk. But you know what? The funniest, most entertaining punk I’ve ever come across. Just keepin’ it real in his own gym and the best part is that these smug Wall Street assholes actually pay him to get treated like a punching bag. Not learning a goddamn thing other than how to bend over and just take it. I’m putting Eric Kelly on the watch list with Shoenice and Francis.

One Of The More Intense Videos From Any Of The #Occupy Cities


I wasn’t sure if I was watching a video from #OccupyOakland or Saving Private Ryan. Bombs going off everywhere, people yelling for a medic, one guy was shot by something…Oakland handles their protests a little differently than everyone else. Imagine if this happened in NYC? Just complete anarchy everywhere. Speaking of NY, a lot of people keep asking me if I think the protesters will make it through the winter down there. Does everyone not realize that those are hippies/hipsters down there? This is what they live for and I’m sure they’ve been in worse conditions. If anything, the same people who are feeding them for free down there will provide them with some kind of warmth and drag this thing out. I’m sure Bloomberg is praying for another blizzard like last year to clean house.

The Hot Chicks Of #OccupyWallSt???


I came across this video mislabeled “The Hot Chicks of #OccupyWallSt.” These are the hot chicks that occupy wall st?? No wonder they are accomplishing nothing. Everyone knows you need to get a bunch of smokes out there if you’re really going to send a message! And I don’t wanna hear about that inner beauty, hippie bullshit. Hey #Occupy, if this is what you’re running with you better get at least 1,000 more of these:

Side Note: If you REALLY think this chick is in Zuccotti Park for #OccupyWallSt you’re smoking more than the hippies occupying Wall St. Look at what she’s wearing and that pose she gives in the video. She’s 100% there for the media attention and hoping she gets noticed. She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. Well I ain’t gonna hate and I noticed ya hun. Keep on keepin’ on!