NYPD Officer Body Slams Turnstile Jumper In Subway


Apparently, this kid was caught jumping the turnstile in Brooklyn and when frisked by a police officer, he made a sudden move that made the cop suplex him. I’m not saying whether or not it was excessive force but the kid and the bystanders definitely found NYPD’s kryptonite…Spanish.
Whole story http://elitedaily.com/elite/2012/nyc-cop-body-slams-teen-paying-subway-fare-video/

Guy Let’s Kid Punch Him In Face, Both Go On With Their Day As If Nothing Happened


“Tough guy” fail; Man exits turnstile, pushed kid out the way, kid said “What the hell” man returns, states “I’m waiting” the kid gives him a beat down. If you want to push and talk crap, you should back it up.

Why can’t this be the way shit always goes down in these scenarios? The guy pushed the kid out of the way, feels bad, let’s the kid have a free shot, and everyone walks away to continue their day. No cops, no MTA employees getting involved, just pure subway justice working itself out. The kid doesn’t even take his ear phones out and the dude who got punched offers a hand shake afterward. I’m not gonna lie, the clip is weird as hell but no one was arrested or hurt so let’s let bygones be bygones.