Japanese People Love Getting Stuffed On Their Subway

So some of you may have seen this before. I know it looks like the 6 train during rush hour on a Monday morning but this is actually  the daily commute in Japan. They actually have workers whose job it is to pack these trains as tight as they possibly can. I’m claustrophobic as all hell and it was hard to watch these videos. Can’t even imagine what it’s like in there. I think I’ll wait for the next one guys, thanks! People just nose to nose breathing all over each other. And what happens when they get to the next station and those doors open? It must be like those little fake cans of peanuts that have the spring inside them. BAM! Just people all over the platform.

It would be a pretty cool job to have though. I would line up like a D-line man and just bull rush that door. Yea people might get hurt but hey, that’s the risk you take by riding the Japanese subway. And why don’t they have Sumo wrestlers doing this? Wouldn’t that help speed the process up a little? It looks like they pick the smallest assholes around to pack these trains. Just think about these poor fucks next time you’re whining that you’re packed on a train and maybe you’ll have a new appreciation.

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