Who Is To Blame?

Where to even start with this shit. First of all, multiple people break Rule #1 and by breaking rule #1, look at what happens. Subway gold! Now chica here is far from innocent and I have no idea why anyone is standing up for her, but change cars if you don’t want to listen to her babbling. If people reacted this way in the NYC subway all the time it would look like Wrestle Mania. I’m talking chairs, tag teams, illegal weapons, and fatalities. Oh, you’re singing to god lady? Well look at where that got you. Two dudes are swinging at each other, you’re being thrown off the train, and everyone on the subway is now choosing sides in the fight. This is the classic case of when foreigners try to act like they don’t speak English and when shit doesn’t go their way, they learn Rosetta Stone in 2 seconds. Don’t sit there and try to proclaim your innocence!

Question. Did anyone predict that Asian to come out swinging like that? He totally caught me off guard and I’m pretty sure that guy as well. Who is to blame here?

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