Bully On LA Subway Gets Destroyed By Woman On Stilts


No idea what this fight was over but when a woman wraps her face and hoovers over passengers trying to intimidate them, it’s very hard to feel bad when they are turned into a human punching bag. Thank god Kareem Abdul Jabbar was there to take the situation into her own hands. You see when she walked over and the Asian chick was eye level with her crotch? She musta just been thinking oh no, I weally weally fooked now! When will the bullies learn?


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How In Denial Is The Woman With The Biggest Hips?

HuffPost: Mikel Ruffinelli, 39, a 420-pound woman with an eight-foot circumference, set the new world record for World’s Largest Hips, according to the World Record Academy. The mother of four, of Los Angeles, Calif., stands at just five-foot-four, has a proportionally small 40-inch waist, and is completely content with her shape, the Daily Mail reported. “I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems,” Mikel said. “Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.” Ruffinelli’s husband, Reggie Brooks, and she have been married for 10 years. “She had a sweet disposition about her that really attracted me to her,” Brooks told Barcroft TV. “I like to tell people all the time, ‘I have a license to work with heavy equipment,’” Still, Ruffinelli’s 100-inch wide hips makes everyday tasks difficult. According to the World Record Academy, the plus-size model must drive a truck and use a reinforced chair at home to accommodate her frame. She also struggles with fitting through door entrances and sleeps in a 7-foot-wide bed, Closer reported.


By now most people have already seen the story of this Christmas tree shaped chick. Just waltzing around telling people how she loves that she’s wider than the hallway in her house. Absolutely no way that’s true. As jealous as I am that I’m not forced to electric slide to get from my kitchen to my bedroom, Mikel has to be in more denial than Patriots fans who just lost to the Ravens. She claims every kid she had, her hips just got wider and wider. Does that mean the 4th kid literally fell out? I’m just trying to understand this. Also, you gotta love the exercising part of this video. Two of her girls have to pull her ass off the couch and then they stand there for 2 minutes and dance in spot. How about a 27 mile walk or some shit. Try pulling off a couple lunges without snapping your knees cause standing there twirling a Wii remote ain’t burning the calories off your hips, hun. You know who this realest person in this whole thing was? Daniel Mendoza. “How do you gain that much weight in your ass and not your arms? I would never want to be with a girl like that.” Nailed it!

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This Guy Fell For The Oldest Trick In The Book


Ahhhhh the good ol’ ‘Mike Hunt’ prank! Come one man this one’s been around forever. Christ, I remember doing this in 6th grade when we would have a substitute teacher and everyone had to sign in for attendance and then the sub would call out the names on the list. Others included Amanda Hugenkis, Seymour Hiney, and Ben Dover. How the hell did no one laugh while he was calling this out? Hey LA, lighten up!

Who Is To Blame?

Where to even start with this shit. First of all, multiple people break Rule #1 and by breaking rule #1, look at what happens. Subway gold! Now chica here is far from innocent and I have no idea why anyone is standing up for her, but change cars if you don’t want to listen to her babbling. If people reacted this way in the NYC subway all the time it would look like Wrestle Mania. I’m talking chairs, tag teams, illegal weapons, and fatalities. Oh, you’re singing to god lady? Well look at where that got you. Two dudes are swinging at each other, you’re being thrown off the train, and everyone on the subway is now choosing sides in the fight. This is the classic case of when foreigners try to act like they don’t speak English and when shit doesn’t go their way, they learn Rosetta Stone in 2 seconds. Don’t sit there and try to proclaim your innocence!

Question. Did anyone predict that Asian to come out swinging like that? He totally caught me off guard and I’m pretty sure that guy as well. Who is to blame here?