Soccer Player Melts During Press Conference


No need to watch all 8 minutes of this clip to see what’s going on. Just keep fast forwarding and you’ll see this soccer player’s shirt go from light blue to dark grey. Is this a press conference or is this guy on trial for murder? I have no idea what kind of questions this guy was being asked but he was sweating like his wife was asking him about where he was the night before and why his dick smells like sex. Dude lost 10 lbs of water weight from talking into a microphone. Can you imagine playing poker with this guy? ‘Ah, Walter do you mind not sweating all over my new poker table? Oh, and I’m gonna go ahead and call your bluff and go all in.’ Must suck to get off the field, shower, reach the press conference in your nice clothes, and sweat more than you did when you were actually on the field. I definitely smell an antiperspirant/deodorant endorsement coming this guys way.

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