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So Chris Brown Got An Interesting Tattoo…

Posted: September 11, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Dumb, WTF
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Dailynews: Chris Brown may have rekindled his romance with Rihanna, but he says a shocking new tattoo on his neck isn’t an homage to his former flame despite the eerie resemblance. The famously hot-tempered R&B star showed off some fresh ink on the red carpet earlier this month, displaying a large tattoo of a woman’s face on the side of his neck. The black-and-white image shows a woman whose bone structure, arched eyebrows and full lips bear a striking similarity to Brown’s onetime girlfriend Rihanna, but the tattoo version bears the scars of a serious beating.


In other news, R. Kelly also got a tattoo on his back of a man peeing on a young girl, but it has nothing to do with R. Kelly peeing on a young girl.



Now I’m 90% sure this is a kid and not a midget but every once in a while he would pull off a move that made me feel like he was 30 years old. Little man is GETTIN’ IT! All we’re missing is some candle wax and this could be a Ricky Martin video. He’s gotta be listening to some R&B song right? If this is a mini Chris Brown in-the-making then the last stop on this train is SlapABitchfield.


Side note: I’ll bet a weeks pay this is what little man is listening to. If you listen to this song over his video there’s no way it’s not!