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How bad can you feel for this guy when he’s intentionally being a loud asshole on the subway? That aside, how perfect was the scenario for this thief? No one on the train except the guy listening to music and the other dude concentrating on filming him across the way. Then he goes and Ocean 11’s the closing doors. No one was even waiting outside the train and he had stairs right there for a quick getaway. Just too perfect.


Now I’m 90% sure this is a kid and not a midget but every once in a while he would pull off a move that made me feel like he was 30 years old. Little man is GETTIN’ IT! All we’re missing is some candle wax and this could be a Ricky Martin video. He’s gotta be listening to some R&B song right? If this is a mini Chris Brown in-the-making then the last stop on this train is SlapABitchfield.


Side note: I’ll bet a weeks pay this is what little man is listening to. If you listen to this song over his video there’s no way it’s not!