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Fuckin’ chicks, man. Pretty sure there is a scientific study out there proving that women cannot multitask yet these ones think they can drive and shoot a music video simultaneously. The proof is in the pudding!









IceJJFish Kicks Off The Weekend

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This is supposedly a real music video and I believe it for some reason. Have a great weekend!

Miley Cyrus Is Naked In Her New Music Video

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Never thought the day would come where I’m posting Miley Cyrus videos on here but here we are. Also, didn’t realize people still made music videos but then again how would you win a VMA?? She’s naked, she’s licking sledgehammers…I don’t really know what else to say other than Miley’s haircut looks very close to Zack Morris circa 1992.

These videos came out earlier this week and me and a co-worker got into discussing which one was better. Now obviously the Miami Dolphins video looks like it was shot by Spike Jonze but that aside, I love the ‘let’s do it on the fly’ look of the New Orleans Saints video. Also, as hot as just about every Dolphins cheerleader is, I’m a big fan of naturally beautiful girls and if you throw a southern drawl into that accent and I’m all about it. This really could go either way though. Who you got?

Side note: This song made me hate both videos equally




This video is drawing tons of attention this morning for obvious reasons. Sexy as hell and T&A all over the place. I’m not complaining–I’m just shocked it’s still up on Youtube. I mirrored the video so once it’s officially down you can still watch it here! By the way, Emily Ratajkowski coming in hot!

HuffPost: BROCKTON, Mass. — A lawyer for the family of a 9-year-old Massachusetts rapper who appears in sexually suggestive videos is criticizing authorities’ decision to investigate whether the boy is the victim of possible child abuse or neglect. The boy who performs as “Lil Poopy,” is a thriving, well-adjusted fourth-grader with a good home life, good grades and musical talent, attorney Joseph Krowski Jr. said Monday of client Luie Rivera Jr., who is of Puerto Rican descent. “This is just what I would call a racially-tinged investigation because whoever watched it probably doesn’t understand rap,” Krowski said of his client’s work. “…This isn’t some child left alone that’s not going to school. It all comes down to content in the videos, which is protected by the First Amendment.” On Sunday, Brockton police asked state child welfare officials to look into possible abuse after watching Lil Poopy videos following a feature story about him in local newspaper The Enterprise. Police said Monday they haven’t filed any criminal charges. A Department of Children and Families spokeswoman confirmed that officials are looking into concerns about the young Brockton rapper’s welfare. The investigation will include interviews with everyone who lives in the child’s home and likely others who have contact with the 9-year-old, such as school officials, DCF spokeswoman Cayenne Isaksen said. Child welfare officials can refer the case to the local district attorney’s office if an investigation finds any criminal behavior.”The filers of this report wanted to make sure the child is being properly cared for,” Isaksen said. “…So the department will look into all aspects of this.” The videos show the boy slapping a woman’s buttocks, engaging in sexually suggestive dances and glorifying drug use and materialism. The boy’s father, Luis Rivera, told The Enterprise that his son is acting and not doing anything wrong. The newspaper said Lil Poopy has performed alongside Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, and was discovered in his father’s music studio by the rapper known as French Montana, who founded Cocaine City Records.


Look, big deal! The kid slapped an enormous ass in his music video. That’s what rappers do. Big deal, he was discovered by a guy who named his company Cocaine City Records. Poopy already covered that in his lyrics with ‘cocaine a bad word…Coca-Cola. Coke ain’t a bad word, it’s only soda.’ He’s just another thriving, well adjusted 4th grader with a music talent…and a chain bigger than him…and a Ferrari…and lots of hoes about 20 years older. At least he’s not 6-years old and hosing down sluts like my boy Albert below. Now that might be an open and shut case for Child Services.


And Now For Your WTF Video Of The Week

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Jersey Shore has hit an all time low!

-Thanks to Lance for this


Hope you all feel better about yourselves now. Have a safe weekend everyone!


Little Albert here isn’t even old enough to get a hard on but he can still make ya booty pop. Have a safe weekend everyone!

‘It’s So Cold In The D’ Kicks Off The Weekend!

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If this horrific music video doesn’t sum up life in Detroit then I don’t know what does. Hope everyone feels better about themselves now and has a safe weekend!

-Thanks for the video Kathryn