Would You Rather…

Would you rather…

Be a permanent high school student along with all your friends for your entire life (which means getting up early in the morning, homework/exams, but having weekends/summers off)



Have a full time job that pays $3 million, only gets 3 weeks vacation a year, and you work 6 days a week 8am – 8pm for the rest of your life (you cannot get a raise or promotion)?

Greedy Business Partners


Ever Have One Of Those Days Where You Just Want To Saw Off Your Foot To Get Out Of Work?

VIENNA (Reuters) – An unemployed Austrian man sawed his foot off, apparently to avoid being found fit to go back to work. Hours before an appointment on Monday for the labor office to check on his health, the 56-year-old man held his left leg against an electric saw in his home workshop and severed his foot just above the ankle, Austrian broadcaster ORF reported. Bleeding profusely, the man from the province of Styria then threw the foot into an oven, hobbled to his garage and called an ambulance. An emergency operation was unable to reattach the foot, ORF said.


I completely understand where this guy is coming from right now. I can’t find the motivation to do ANYTHING right now and by God if I had a sharp object to my avail, I would definitely take a limb to get a sick day. Probably not a foot but losing a digit wouldn’t be that bad.

Worst Way To Get A Job? Show Up Naked And Assault Cops


Showing up to the workplace wearing nothing but a bush around your dick, saying you’re good with your hands is not gonna get you a job my friend. I don’t know how things work south of the border, but here all it will get you is taken down by the police and/or possibly tased. After all that rolling around on the ground, I’m pretty sure the female cop got pregnant and the male cop had this guy in the big spoon position. Couldn’t pay me enough money to deal with this shit. Call for backup and wait it out. And how about these guys documenting this dude like they were the Discovery Channel following some uncivilized African tribesman praying to the Sun Gods? That’s some Emmy Award winning shit right there.