Would You Rather…

Would you rather…

Be a permanent high school student along with all your friends for your entire life (which means getting up early in the morning, homework/exams, but having weekends/summers off)



Have a full time job that pays $3 million, only gets 3 weeks vacation a year, and you work 6 days a week 8am – 8pm for the rest of your life (you cannot get a raise or promotion)?

Greedy Business Partners


In Honor Of The Olympics, A High Bar Fail


When you watch too much of the Olympics you tend to think you can do all the shit you see the gymnasts do. Nick, however, makes the Special Olympics look challenging by one of the most ridiculous displays of athleticism I’ve ever seen.

Side note: The females in the Olympic Games need to wear their age on their uniforms so I don’t feel like a total pedophile watching. Just saying.