Crazy Man On The C Train Is As Looney Tunes As It Gets


As I watched this I began to think, now which guy is crazier–the one clearly off his meds or the cameraman who’s blatantly got a camera in Honky Man’s face? Then I realized that there were two kinds of crazy occupying the same space. The guy sitting down is psycho crazy and the cameraman is ‘I don’t care if I die today’ crazy. Also, when will black people realize that yelling racial obscenities towards white people is completely pointless. Louis CK stated it best:


Halloween Comes Early For City Subway Creatures


Well..I know what I’m being for Halloween this year. Can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me growing up when I wore glasses and they always seemed to be in the most obvious places. Worst part is that usually you can’t see without your glasses which makes finding them even more fun. Lady, did you check the top of your head? Yes? OK, don’t freak out we’ll get you through this. Wait…I said don’t freak out…