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Pretty sure this defies the laws of gravity and I’m still trying to figure out how this guy ended up this way. It literally looks like the toilet tried to suck his dick down the drain. He might not remember the previous night but his back pains will be a helpful reminder.


Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 10.52.34 AM

Would you rather…

Have to give John Travolta a naked full body massage for 2 hours in a locked private room

travolta-massage CSC








Share a sleeping bag overnight with Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Bruno and both of you are naked from the waist down?

bruno_09_GQ_cover CSC















Brings back memories of when I ate mushrooms in college and watched Finding Nemo. Instantly became part of the movie and chilled with the surfer turtle all the way down the Gulf Stream.

And Your Caption Contest Winner Is…

Posted: September 27, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Caption of the Week
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Chris C. – “i wish my milkshakes would stop leaking koolaid…”

This was the closest week we’ve had so far but congrats to Chris for entering the comment above. Think you can do better? Enter the caption contest next Thursday by “LIKING” CitySubwayCreatures on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who participated this week and check back for next week’s caption contest!


Women drivers. If their not chatting it up on the phone while trying to drive, their sleeping on their motorcycle while on the highway. This chick should’ve absolutely been a hood ornament on that semi so as I always say, go play the lottery cause you are one lucky bitch!


Loud sex, barking dogs, construction workers, etc. are all disadvantages of living in an apartment in the city. I know, trust me. Not for nothing but you just did this guy a huge service. Putting that shit on the ‘internets’ is funny but if I were this guy, I’d send that link to everyone I knew and brag about it for the next year. Yea, did you hear that? That’s my doing WORK, son! You think this is going to make him stop?! No, no, my friend. You just opened Pandora’s Box!


Wanna hear what this guy listened to all night? Click here





Ya little shit! I pay $60 for you to get into an amusement park, $10 for a bottle of water, and you’re gonna take nap time? Your damn right I’m spotting you under the tidal wave ride. And to make it worse, I’m gonna have your sister record it so we can all laugh about it later at the hotel! Man up, stop crying, and go put some dry clothes on Pedro!

Side note: Isn’t it a basic rule that if your feet can touch the ground while in a stroller, you’re too old to be in one?