Can Blacks Really Be Racist Towards Whites?

I’ve always wondered this. I don’t think I’ve ever been offended by one racist comment ever. In all honesty, is there anything that REALLY offends white people? Cracker, Honky, White Bread, Cornbread? It just doesn’t bother me. I’m listening to this guy and I actually thought it was the funniest shit ever. I’ve witnessed the Black Panthers in Times Square and I thought it was more interesting than anything else. Now I’m far from religious but even I know this guy is clearly making shit up from the Bible. “Because the white man will not put up a black Jesus Christ at the White House, God made him–all white people homosexual.” I lived on the border of Hells Kitchen and Chelsea last year and I’ll tell you, I probably would’ve believed this guy if I never left the area. Neighborhood was as flaming as Hell itself. But come on man, ALL white men? There IS one point he made that I cannot say shit about. “All Negros are holy and sanctified. That’s why you can’t play basketball with them. They can beat you and laugh at you.” Got me there buddy. I got nothing.

He then goes on to ask “Do I have any questions?” Holy shit, how does nobody ask this guy anything?! I woulda been raising my hand like back in the 2nd grade when you actually used your other hand to try and make your hand go up even farther saying “Oh, oh, oh!” Instigating these kinds of people is what I live for. I would’ve turned that train into a White House press conference. “So sir, where do you get your facts?” “Is that bucket also what you shit and piss in?” “What are your thoughts on Casey Anthony?” I mean shit people. He gave you a golden opportunity and you all blew it! Preach on my friend, preach on!

Side note: Is that a spear he’s holding? Just wondering…


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